Minnesota's Home made dog treats made with love.

Our gourmet dog treats are made by hand—in small batches, using only superior human-grade  ingredients; no preservatives, corn, soy or fillers. Our grains are grown domestically, GMO free, and ground on site with freshness in mind. We only bake treats that we feel good giving to our own, furry taste testers!

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We’re excited to get our Shop up and running online.  For the time being you can make an order directly with us by contacting [email protected]

Dog Treat Menu

Peanut Butter Waffle 8oz - 12.00 plus shipping

Our best seller!  Your doggo will come running when they catch the scent of a bag of peanut butter waffles being opened.  Our waffle treats break nicely for use as training treats or for a smaller dog.  These are a favorite with the groomers we supply and our home taste testers.  As always there are no GMO’s, gluten, yeast or added preservatives.   **product does contain nuts**

Roni's Banana Bites 4oz- 6.00 plus shipping

Rich banana  flavor in every bite!  Smaller ‘granola’ like bites that pack loads of flavor in that little crunch!  A favorite of our senior home taste tester who still likes to catch a little treat tossed her way.

Apple Banana "Crunchies" 4oz - 6.00 plus shipping

Want a little apple with that banana??  Our apple banana ‘crunches’ are made with the “cruncher” in mind, cause some of us like that and it tastes lots better than that stick that was smuggled back inside!!

Blueberry Bites 4oz - 6.00 plus shipping

Ever catch your doggo eyeing your blueberry muffin? With our blueberry bites you can treat your dogs to the best of blueberries in a healthy way. Did you know blueberries provide your dog with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and K? All of that healthy goodness is baked into our blueberries bites and bars. 

Blueberry Bars 40z - 6.00 plus shipping

Packed with blueberries just like our bites, our blueberry bars are easily breakable for training treats and smaller dog 

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